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Beyond 5G Seeds Creation Program

The Promotion Strategy calls for program designs that promote free and agile projects conducted by diverse players—e.g., minimize restrictions on Beyond 5G R&D—as it is crucial to build an ecosystem that generates innovation, while allowing prompt project launch and accepting risks, in fields where technological innovation is occurring extremely rapidly.
Based on the above-described contents of the Promotion Strategy, we designed this program to support the following two project types:

  1. A wide range of diverse R&D projects (commissioned R&D)
  2. Projects that utilize the private sector's commercialization know-how etc.

This program generates innovation through the creation of seeds for technology by supporting and subsidizing R&D integrated with commercialization efforts.

The target technologies to be developed through the open-call sponsored research projects of this program are those for realizing the following key features of Beyond 5G specified in the Promotion Strategy: ultra fast & large capacity, ultra low latency, ultra numerous connectivity, autonomy, scalability, ultra security and resiliency, ultra low power consumption. In addition, the program called for diverse proposals for realizing Beyond 5G, e.g., R&D of new applications for communication infrastructure to be realized by Beyond 5G.

The target proposers for

  1. A wide range of diverse R&D projects (commissioned R&D) were diverse players including young researchers of universities, business ventures based on original ideas/technologies, and startups while those for
  2. Projects that utilize the private sector's commercialization know-how etc. were SMEs such as business ventures based on original ideas/technologies and startups. Challenging proposals addressing difficult issues based on innovative seeds for technology and/or innovative ideas were selected.

In particular, proposals for 2 were evaluated from the perspective of commercialization.

The R&D period is set, in principle, as within 3 years from the start date. The budget size (the planned amount to be covered by NICT) per proposal is set as an amount between tens of millions yen and 100 million yen per year for type 1 projects and a total of approximately 100 million yen for type 2 projects. Nevertheless, the specific amount for both project types is determined based on the scale of each R&D project. As for type 2 projects, the upper limit of the amount to be covered by NICT is two-thirds of the total amount of eligible expenses.

Beyond 5G Seeds Creation Program (27 issues): List of Selected Institutes

R&D Issues Research institutes
(○: Representative research institute)
Issue 02701 Development of technologies for terahertz band channel sounding and space-time channel modeling

Niigata UniversityTokyo Institute of Technology

Issue 02801 R&D of high-power terahertz wave generation for wireless communication using GaN vacuum microphotonics technology

Kyushu UniversityThe National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, Nagoya University, Photo electron Soul Inc., Osaka University, Waseda University

Issue 02901 R&D of human enhancement and space creation remote work support infrastructure

The University of TokyoToppan Inc.

Issue 03001 R&D of terahertz wireless communication and video transmission using resonant tunneling diodes

Osaka UniversityROHM Co., Ltd., Tokyo Institute of Technology, ASTRODESIGN, Inc., Osaka Research Institute of Industrial Science and Technology

Issue 03101 R&D of wideband and low-latency live streaming processing platforms for realizing highly realistic communication environments

Kanagawa Institute of TechnologyDaido University, University of the Ryukyus, Miharu Communications Inc.

Issue 03201 R&D of high-frequency transfer technologies applicable to Beyond 5G for low-cost and high-quality millimeter-wave and terahertz bands

Osaka UniversityMitsubishi Electric Corporation

Issue 03301 R&D of connection by light-induced self-written waveguides using infrared light for realizing multi-channel automatic connection

Utsunomiya UniversityAdamant Namiki Precision Jewel Co., Ltd.

Issue 03401 R&D of proactive wireless spatial control using intelligent reflecting surface & interference-resistant spatial multiplex transmission technology

Tohoku UniversityAdvanced Telecommunications Research Institute International

Issue 03501 Development of edge AI software suitable for the features of Beyond 5G, e.g., high-speed communication and low latency, and R&D for the software operation demonstration

Osaka University

Issue 03601 R&D of normal incident nano-hybrid light modulators and receivers for parallel spatial channel transmission

The University of TokyoHamamatsu Photonics K.K., KDDI Research, Inc., Shizuoka University

Issue 03701 R&D of highly functional materials for building Beyond 5G ultra-energy-saving high-efficiency networks

The National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and TechnologyKeio University, Tohoku University

Issue 03801 Low-delay and interactive zero-latency video and somatic integrated network

Waseda UniversityASTRODESIGN, Inc., Kyoto University

Issue 03901 Research on secure dynamic networks for foot traffic and logistics involving ultra-numerous and multiple-type transportation vehicles

Japan DATACOM Co., Ltd.Waseda University

Issue 04001 Resource-transparent wide-area distributed computing environment in the Beyond 5G era realized with functional paradigm

The University of TokyoKochi University of Technology, Osaka University, Citynet Co., Ltd., SAKURA internet Inc., National Institute of Informatics

Issue 04101 Practical realization of 300GHz band antenna evaluation technologies

Photonic Edge Inc.7Gaa K.K.

Issue 05701 Dynamic area optimization technology utilizing cyber-physical space at high-altitude platforms

SoftBank Corp.Keio University

Issue 05801 Real-time encryption technology and its expansion into the field of privacy protection

University of HyogoGMO Cyber Security by IERAE

Issue 05901 Creation of high-output terahertz amplifiers made of substances with low environmental impact using monatomic length gates

Tohoku UniversityThe National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, The University of Tokyo, University of Tsukuba, Hiroshima University

Issue 06001 R&D of high-speed beam steering technology for Beyond 5G

The Ritsumeikan TrustShonan Institute of Technology, Waseda University

Issue 06101 R&D of following terahertz links for realizing wireless cybernetic frontends

The University of Tokyo

Issue 06201 Demonstration experiment of an advanced semiconductor and metasurface integration technology for indoor cyber-physical space integration

Nagoya Institute of TechnologyNagoya University

Issue 06301 R&D of XR communication platforms for realizing highly realistic interactions with conversational AI agents

Equmenopolis, Inc.

Issue 06401 Hyper-digital twin platforms for shared autonomous micro-mobility

Hyper Digital Twin Corp.Shibaura Institute of Technology

Issue 07101 Development of a highly efficient wireless communication system using high power transmission radio over fiber

Keio UniversityThe University of Electro-Communications

Issue 07201 R&D of all digital transmitter circuit technologies for Beyond 5G base station array antennas

Fujitsu Limited

Issue 07301 R&D of integrated data/power transmission self-sufficient B5G/6G in indoor environments

The University of Electro-CommunicationsYamamoto Metal Technos Co., Ltd., The University of Tokyo, Hiroshima University

Issue 07401 Development of terahertz coherent transceivers utilizing micro-actuators

Tokyo Institute of TechnologyHiroshima University, Tokyo University of Science, National Institute of Technology, Tokuyama College, Maxell, Ltd.