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Beyond 5G Function Realization Program

The targets of this program are technologies that could serve as core technologies for realizing the following key features of Beyond 5G: ultra fast & large capacity, ultra low latency, ultra numerous connectivity, autonomy, scalability, ultra security and resiliency, ultra low power consumption. Open-call sponsored research on the program’s targets conducted by private companies and universities are implemented.
For the target technologies to be developed through the open-call sponsored research projects of the Beyond 5G Function Realization Program, we selected key R&D themes for the promotion strategy from the R&D Themes Candidate List and, as the implementing organization, called for proposals in sequence while taking the available budget into account.

Upon calling for proposals, we set and adopted the following two types of issues in accordance with the contents of the target technologies.

  1. Key Issues (7 issues): As the aim of these issues is to create high-level R&D achievements, we set specific and clear development targets (e.g., numerical targets), prepared the R&D plan for each issue, and then called for project implementers.
  2. General Issues (20 issues): As the development targets of these issues were left up to the ideas of external proposers, we specified only the research outline and then widely called for proposals concerning the specific R&D topics.

The R&D Themes Candidate List (2nd edition) of the Beyond 5G Function Realization Program

The R&D Themes Candidate List (2nd edition) of the Beyond 5G Function Realization Program

Beyond 5G Function Realization Program Key Issues (7 issues): List of Selected Institutes

R&D Issues and Items Commissioned institutes
(○: Representative research institute)
Key Issue 001 R&D of the next generation edge cloud computing platform for supporting Beyond 5G ultra-high-capacity wireless communication
  • R&D of innovative hardware technology for realizing high-speed high-capacity data transfer
  • R&D of highly functional edge cloud information processing platform applicable to a wide variety of services

Tokyo Institute of TechnologyGifu University, The University of Shiga Prefecture, Fujitsu Optical Components Limited, Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd., Furukawa Network Solution Corp., NEC Corporation, Osaka University, Tohoku University, Rakuten Mobile, Inc.

Key Issue 002 R&D of space division multiplexing (SDM) optical network and node technologies for supporting Beyond 5G ultra-high-capacity wireless transmission
  • SDM optical network and node design technologies
  • SDM optical network system technology
  • SDM omnidirectional optical amplification technology
  • SDM spatial optical switching technology
  • SDM high-density wiring and connection technologies

Kagawa UniversityKDDI Research, Inc., NEC Corporation, Suntech Co., Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd.

Key Issue 003-1 R&D of wireless communication technology for realizing Beyond 5G ultra-high-speed high-capacity communication using the terahertz band
  • R&D of the technology of array antenna integrated with terahertz band amplifier

Fujitsu LimitedTokyo City University

Key Issue 003-2 R&D of wireless communication technology for realizing Beyond 5G ultra-high-speed high-capacity communication using the terahertz band
  • R&D of limited area wireless systems using the terahertz band
  • R&D of feeder link systems for linking ground and NTN platforms using the terahertz band

Waseda UniversityNTT Corporation, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

Key Issue 004 R&D for realizing terminal expansion wireless communication systems utilizing the terahertz band for Beyond 5G
  • Technology of terahertz band RF configuration for terminal expansion
  • Signal processing technology for terminal expansion applying the terahertz band
  • Terminal expansion wireless communication system building and control technologies

KDDI Research, Inc.Waseda University, Chiba Institute of Technology, Nagoya Institute of Technology, Hitachi Kokusai Electric Inc., Panasonic Corporation

Key Issue 005 R&D of radio-optical converged wireless communication systems for Beyond 5G ultra-high-capacity wireless networks
  • Technology of mutual signal conversion between optical signals and terahertz band signals & transceiver technology
  • High-speed optical wireless connection technology and optical wireless transceiver technology
  • Optical signal processing technology for wireless signal distribution

Mie UniversityHitachi Kokusai Electric Inc., KYOTO SEMICONDUCTOR Co., Ltd., KDDI Research, Inc., TOYO ELECTRIC CORPORATION.

Key Issue 006 R&D of hybrid radio-optical communication technology for Beyond 5G next generation small satellite constellations
  • R&D of hybrid radio-optical communication technology to be used in small satellites for LEO constellations
  • R&D of basic technologies for realizing ultra-wideband optical satellite communication systems

Axelspace CorporationThe University of Tokyo, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Kiyohara Optics Inc.

Beyond 5G Function Realization Program General Issues (20 issues): List of Selected Institutes

R&D Issues Proposers
(○: Representative proposer)
General Issue 001 Realization of safe and efficient cloud robotics utilizing Beyond 5G

NEC CorporationOsaka University

General Issue 002 R&D of Beyond 5G IoT, SoC, and IoT solution building platforms enabling continuous evolution

Sharp CorporationSharp Fukuyama Semiconductor Co., Ltd., The University of Tokyo, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan Radio Co., Ltd.

General Issue 003 R&D of 300GHz band multi-level wireless communication based on ultra-low noise signal generation technology

Osaka UniversityIMRA America, Inc., Kyushu University, The University of Tokyo, Kitasato Institute

General Issue 004 R&D of basic technologies of spatial mode control type optical transmission for the Beyond 5G era

NTT CorporationSumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd., NEC Corporation, Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd., Chiba Institute of Technology

General Issue 005 R&D of basic technologies for smart city traffic management by dynamic control of behavior changes and transportation infrastructure

The University of TokyoTraffic Brain Co., Ltd., MaaS Tech Japan Co., Ltd.

General Issue 006 R&D of synchronizing CPS computing platforms realized by Beyond 5G

NEC CorporationThe University of Tokyo

General Issue 007 R&D of heterogeneous photonics-electronics convergence technology for Beyond 5G ultra-high-speed ultra-high-capacity wireless communication systems

Tohoku UniversityPanasonic Corporation, Hamamatsu Photonics K.K., Sumitomo Osaka Cement Co., Ltd., Waseda University

General Issue 008 R&D of metro access optical technologies for composing Beyond 5G communication infrastructure highly efficiently

Mitsubishi Electric CorporationKDDI Research, Inc., The National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, Osaka University, Osaka Prefecture University

General Issue 009 Development of NTN nodes networking technology & development and demonstration of coverage expansion use case systems

SKY Perfect JSAT CorporationNTT Corporation, NTT DOCOMO, Inc., Panasonic Corporation

General Issue 010 R&D of coordinated control platforms for drones and self-driving cars for realizing smart mobility platforms

KDDI CorporationAISAN Technology Co., Ltd.

General Issue 011 R&D of coordinated autonomous networks

Oki Electric Industry Co., Ltd.Rakuten Mobile, Inc., Nagoya University

General Issue 012 R&D of high-output device technology for wide-bandgap semiconductors and circuit technology that contribute to Beyond 5G

BroadBand Tower, Inc.Nagoya University, Nagoya Institute of Technology, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

General Issue 013 Research of IoT ultra-coverage using LEO satellites

The University of TokyoRakuten Mobile, Inc.

General Issue 014 Mobile communication three-dimensional spatial cell configurations

SoftBank Corp.

General Issue 015 R&D of innovative EO polymer and silicon hybrid modulation technology for realizing ultra-energy-efficient high-capacity data transmission

Tokushima UniversityKyushu University, The University of Aizu

General Issue 016 R&D of network control technology for realizing the resilience of Beyond 5G

Tohoku UniversityHiroshima University, Nihon Dengyo Kosaku Co., Ltd.

General Issue 017 R&D of wireless communication technology for undersea and underwater IoT

Kyushu Institute of TechnologyPanasonic Corporation

General Issue 018 Higher frequency wireless power transmission and communication convergence technology for realizing a completely wireless society

SoftBank Corp.Kyoto University, Kanazawa Institute of Technology

General Issue 019 R&D of dynamic secure network technology applicable to emerging technologies

ALAXALA Networks CorporationKeio University, KDDI Research, Inc.

General Issue 020 R&D of next generation five-dimensional mobile infrastructure technology

NEC CorporationThe University of Electro-Communications, Shinshu University, NEC Space Technologies, Ltd.